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2018 JOOLA NA Teams, December 31 through January 2 in Washington, DC

- Miscellaneous

Junior Membership$45
Collegiate Membership$45
3-Year Membership$210
3-Year Jr Membership$125
Household Membership$150
Small T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
Medium T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
Large T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
X-Large T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
XX-Large T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
3XL T-Shirt$20(first shirt is free)
Spectator Pass$20
Tournament Pass$20

- Events

1PreliminaryFri09:00 AM$7991: $15000, 2: $6000, 3-4: $2400, 5-8: $750
2Division 1Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
3Division 2Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
4Division 3Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
5Division 4Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
6Division 5Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
7Division 6Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
8Division 7Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
9Division 8Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
10Division 9Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
11Division 10Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
12Division 11Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
13Division 12Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
14Division 13Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
15Division 14Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
16Division 15Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
17Division 16Sat02:00 PM$1 & 2: Award
18Div 1 Third XOversSun09:00 AM$1 & 2: Award
19Div 1 Fourth XOversSun09:00 AM$1 & 2: Award
20Div 1 Fifth XOversSun09:00 AM$1 & 2: Award