Current Results for the 2015 JOOLA NA Teams

Note that we will be using white plastic 40+ JOOLA balls.

There were ultimately 711 entries for the 2015 JOOLA NA Teams, November 27 through 29

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1AITTA 1GATeam JOOLADE3-1
Division 2New Orleans InternationalLAAfter School Learning TreeCA5-4
Division 3Guyana Team 1GYAITTA 6GADEF
Division 4Westchester CrushersCTRising SunNCDEF
Division 5Nison's TTCNYATMNY5-4
Division 6MDTTC - Straw HatsMDMDTTC - PPGMDDEF
Division 8Guyana Team 2GYTeam YOLOPR5-1
Division 9Guyana Team 3GYExplorersBB5-3
Division 10Cutting AcesPATopspin Table Tennis ClubNJ5-3
Division 11Topspin NJ 6NJHCTTC MixMD5-3
Div 11 Third PlaceNJ Topspin 8NJWaldorf Table Tennis TooMD5-1

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Div 1 3rd XoversThe Spin MobNC3-0WTTC OneMD1-2
Div 1 4th XoversNJTTC Junior Boys Team 1NJ2-1Yup!TX2-1