Current Results for the 2014 JOOLA NA Teams

Draws are subject to referee approval

There were ultimately 827 entries for the 2014 JOOLA NA Teams, November 28 through 30

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

DivisionFirstStateSecondStateFinal Score
Division 1Atlanta Inter TT Academy 1FNTeam JOOLAFN3-1
Division 2Daydreamin'ONWTTC OneMD5-0
Division 3After School Learning TreeCALYTTC - Oompa LoompasNJ5-2
Division 4LYTTC 5NYQuebec ProspectsQC5-3
Division 5Ball WizardsFNAtlanta-Korea Table Tennis GA5-1
Division 6GreenlineMANCTTA AFL5-2
Division 7Super Smash Brothers... and Sister!NYLYTTC - White Water BuffalosNJ5-1
Division 8Villalba 3FNLYTTC Over 65NJ5-2
Division 9Donut TeamNYQuebec Cadet GirlsQC5-3
Division 10Guaynabo 1FNLYTTC 7NY5-1
Division 11MDTTC MusketeersVATopspin NJ 2NJ5-0
Division 12Explorers FNAtlanta Inter TT Academy 6GA5-0

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Division 13Nova Scotia GirlsFN9-0NYISC 7NY8-1

Special Categories

Over 40 SeniorsLYTTC Seniors
WomenGirls' Power
Under 18 BoysStars of the Future
Under 18 GirlsTopspin 8