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Penn State2056GTCU19305-4
Penn State2056ATU Local 113 TTC19295-1

Blunderbirds and Cardinals 67Blunderbirds and Cardinals 67
Westchester Wizards940Westchester Wizards940
NJ TopSpin 81056NJ TopSpin 81056
VATTA 31427VATTA 31427
HWGF - Topspin Assassins1449HWGF - Topspin Assassins1449
Cutting Aces1699Cutting Aces1699
Hunting Elephants1788Hunting Elephants1788
Georgia Tech1790Georgia Tech1790
Princeton Pong's Short Pip Masters1908Penn State2056DEF
Swiss Knives 21967Penn State20565-3
NJ TopSpin 21994Penn State20565-1
Cidra 22008Penn State20565-0
Long Island Pretty Boys2054Penn State20565-0
Penn State2056Penn State2056
Penn State2056Penn State2056
Quebec 12065Penn State20565-1
Sky High 22084Penn State20565-1
HWGF TDP12098Penn State20565-4
Alameda 22221Penn State20565-0