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NJ TopSpin 21994HWGF TDP120985-1
NJ TopSpin 21994Sky High 220845-2
NJ TopSpin 21994Penn State20565-1
NJ TopSpin 21994Cidra 220085-1
NJ TopSpin 21994NYC Titans19725-2
NJ TopSpin 21994Swiss Knives 219675-1
NJ TopSpin 21994Princeton Pong's Short Pip Masters19085-2
NJ TopSpin 21994TTProShop18825-1

NYITTC Youth 2578NYITTC Youth 2578
HITTA Girls692HITTA Girls692
LYTTC 101193LYTTC 101193
MDTTC #11258MDTTC #11258
Fast and Furious1564Fast and Furious1564
Toritos de Puerto Rico 21700Toritos de Puerto Rico 21700
AYTTO 11731AYTTO 11731
Quebec 31863Quebec 31863
NJ TopSpin 21994NJ TopSpin 21994
NJ TopSpin 21994NJ TopSpin 21994
Long Island Pretty Boys2054NJ TopSpin 219945-4
Quebec 22071NJ TopSpin 219945-4
NOVATTC-JWNN2131NJ TopSpin 219945-1
Toritos de Puerto Rico 12152NJ TopSpin 219945-4